Wow, this "new" newgrounds layout(lol see what I did thar) is EPIC!!!!!!

I'm clearly not the best animator, well...that is if I worked on a project for 3 months straight, I could probably have something almost front page quality but since I don't have the time nor the motivation, I'll stick with making little spoofs for my friends.

Cheers, Jack

New mini-series?

2011-01-13 19:27:01 by Splashboy3

Hey guys, I just posted "A Quick Story of Will" a few hours ago, and obviously it was one of those flashes that were pretty quick, and had crappy, if any, animation and just played along with the narrator/and/or hand drawn text.

Might make more of these :D

(Obviously a bit longer, lol)

Fresh and sexy!

2010-12-31 15:06:03 by Splashboy3

Hey guys, it's me, Jack.

So obviously I haven't posted in like literally a couple years, LOL.


But anyway, just updating my news posts to say that in the future, I probably WILL be submitting new flashes! I am excited about that, as am I about my art.

Keep rockin.

-- Jack

Sucky animation.

2009-05-29 16:51:35 by Splashboy3

Hai peeps. All the crappy animation is gone, whew. It'll be MUCH more professional from now on.

I also do ART now, on devianart. (Btw, the ":3" face isntsome of my art.)

Check it out. ry/

Sucky animation.